Shop front in the summer

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Mikron are in town.

Well the rain has held off for another day, although we did have a short sharp shower earlier today.

The Mikron Theatre Company has arrived aboard their narrowboat Tyseley and will be performing one of their spectacular acts tonight at the Junction Inn from 7.30pm onwards. If you haven’t seen them before it is certainly worth the effort to see them. They have got two more performances to do in this area; one at the Anchor tomorrow night and another at the Navigation Inn at Gnosall on Friday night. Full information can be found here – they need all the support they can get, so if you are lost for something to do over the next couple of evenings, please make the effort to see them.

Here’s a picture of Empress and Tyseley tied in the basin at Norbury this morning.

Talking about this morning, we had three day boats out again. We have also docked two boats for pressure washing and blacking and have been on numerous jobs on boats and around the site.

Graham is making progress with the cabin job, although he has had to do some welding inside a water tank today – lovely job!

Ange and Lorraine have manned the shop, office and tea room. It hasn’t been manic with boats on the wharf, but it has certainly kept us busy.

That’s everything to report from Norbury today. Let’s hope the rain holds of again tomorrow J. Although saying that from the restriction notices that I have just received from British Waterways we should all be performing a rain dance as it looks like we have only 7-8 weeks worth of water in the reservoirs before they are run dry.




  1. Hi David

    I'm moored at All Oaks Wood near Brinklow on the North Oxford, and Sovereign Lady has just come by! Seems a long way from home -- hope they're not due back on Saturday!

  2. Hi Adam,

    Yes they are! They are regular customers and very experienced, so I am sure they will be back on time.

    Good to hear from you.

    Speak soon.


  3. Canal Plan says it's 41 hours. I'll be fascinated to hear if they make it in time!