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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Trying Tuesday

Well I tried my hardest to convince Angela that knowing all about things at Norbury would be beneficial not only to me but also for her but she saw straight through my smooth talking and refused point blank to be shown how to do pump outs! (I will keep trying) Sorry folks you will just have to put up with Fred and all the others doing your toilets.

Not only do I have to deal with a lot of customers but I also have to oversee everything that happens within the company and at times that can be rather trying, hence today's title, some people would like to think being the boss of a company is a cushy little number and yes of course it has its advantages and benefits but it also comes with its fair share of headaches and pressures! All that said I wouldn't want to swap my position and I do love doing what I am passionate about and that is boats and messing about on water.

Its been quite a busy old day, two day boats out first thing, in fact we Have two day boats out every day through out August and on the weekends we have three out, so a very good month for day boats! Its also an amazing month for our regular hire boats, out of around 50 available weeks across the whole fleet in August we have filled over 40 weeks so if you are looking for a break on a boat, don't delay, get it booked before they have all gone! Several boats have been on the wharf for pumpouts and diesel and we have several boats in for different jobs, (peter Underwoods new batteries We had to attend a breakdown on behalf of RCR this morning and Bernard has been engine servicing for the rest of the day on private boats, Fred has been blacking and clearing a boat out and Micky, well I am sure he has been asleep in the back of a boat as he has been very quiet today!

I did mention in an earlier blog about Matt's (our painter) dad and his lovely gypsy caravan, well I have managed to obtain a photo and it is a cracking photo of Matt, his dad Alan and Matt's little girl Heather, shame the picture is not completed with Matt's wife Natalie, what a lovely family they are! I am very pleased indeed that we now have Matt as our painter (he is bloody good) and Natalie helping out in and around the wharf.

That's it from me again for another day, until tomorrow.

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