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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

what is the future?

I was out last night dropping Becks off to collect a boat down near Chester and on the way home I dropped in to the Shady Oak pub near Beeston, we had a nice meal and a couple of drinks, I spoke with the bar man and asked how busy they had been over the bank holiday, he said that they had been quite busy but after the bank holiday it had just died a death, we sat there and it was very quiet, there had been a few people in for meals but they had all left by about 9 o'clock, it made me think how long can these small canal side rural pubs last in this poor climate, take valued little ale houses that we all love like the Anchor at High Offley, it survives purely on its income from the canal, we all need to support them more if we want to see them survive, I look back over the years that I have been boating and I think of all the pubs that have long gone, such a shame, we are slowly loosing our traditional canal side pubs and a tradition that once gone will never return.

Its been a busier day today although still not many boats around, I have had the figures today for August and it makes interesting reading, The wharf seemed to be busier this year than last year, we certainly did more pump outs and definitely supplied more fuel as well, the shop also saw more people through the door, however it wasn't by a massive amount and certainly not as good as some previous years,the hire boats were busier and the day boats have definitely been busier, could it be a sign of more people spending time in this country rather than going abroad?

We have had three day boats out again today which Graham and Bernard saw out, Graham then carried on with his cabin replacement and Bernard carried on with his engine replacement, Matt has been preparing a boat for a repaint and that is it because Ralph is off today Fred is on Holiday, yep you read it right, Fred is on holiday, his poor missus will be on the phone soon begging us to ask him to come back earlysoshe can have some peace and quiet! We miss Fred when he is not here! David is off, Jay is off and Mick is off so a quieter day all round.

That is it from me for today, it is 5.45 and I am off home so until tomorrow.

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