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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I'm Back!

I'm back from my holidays and it now seems a dim distant memory! I had a superb time, for anyone who is interested I went boating, I left on my boat from my mooring on the river Hamble near Southampton and went down to Dartmouth in Devon which is about 90 miles away, it took about 5 hours, I spent a few days exploring the river Dart and then went around to Salcombe and stayed there for a couple of days, I then went up to Weymouth and spent a few days there, that was excellent and we were very lucky with the weather, its was great to see all of these places alive with people and Weymouth was packed, however all of the Harbour masters were reporting that the visiting numbers of boats were down massively than previous years, another sign of the times? but it is funny that they don't bring down their mooring rates to encourage people to visit them by boat, they are all controlled by the local councils so they don't have the finical constraints on them like small businesses do, I personally think that they should be offering deals to attract people to visit which in turn would bring further revenue to the town and the shops, thus helping the local economy! We had a superb mooring in the Harbour at Weymouth but it cost £33 per night, There is a lot to be said for cruising on the canals as the costs are a lot lot less, I think that I might be reverting back to canal cruising at some time in the not to distant future!

Back to work with a bump as usual after a holiday although today has been relatively quiet in comparison to the last few weeks, there haven't been many boats around today and the shop has been quiet too, not much to report on the work front, a couple of days boats out today a breakdown on one of our hire boats, Bernard removed an engine that needs replacing and Matt has started on another full repaint, I have noticed a considerable drop in the temperature today and I suspect by the amount of coal and smokeless fuels that have been sold so have other people, I haven't even managed to get my coat off today! That's about it for today.

until tomorrow

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