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Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Its that time again where my thoughts turn to writing the blog for today, thanks for the comments yesterday it is good to have some feed back about what we write. If I turn my thoughts to why the boating world is suffering then I personally think that it is partly because of the 'spin' that is put upon the slow down in the economy, the uncertainty over job security and the uncertainty over the future of our British waterways. If I were looking at investing some of my hard earned cash (if I had any) then I would be looking into something that might actually have a sustained growth over the next few years (in an ideal world) maybe I wouldn't buy a boat! However, I appreciate that owning a boat is not necessarily about owning an appreciating capital asset (there are exceptions to that of course) and it is about the enjoyment factor involved but when you put your savings in to something you want the best return possible weather that is in terms of monetary value or enjoyment value, Owning a boat is much more than earning money out of it or just cruising around on it, it is also the whole ownership aspect, the maintenance, the social side, the fact that you have a bolt hole, somewhere to escape the modern day pressures of our society and work, We can all bang on about the doom and gloom of the country and worry about our job security, but we are only here once, we can wait forever for this country to be in the prefect situation before we make the big decision of spending some money and enjoying life now, whats the worst that can happen if you buy a boat? in these difficult times there are bargains to be had, marina owners arms to be twisted with regards to moorings etc etc, so my advise is, if you want a boat and you have the means to afford it then do it, you will more often than not find a way if things get a bit tight in the future! We cant all plan for the future, we don't have a crystal ball, and we certainly don't have a sell by date either! What I am trying to say is, take a leap of faith, faith in yourself that if you do buy a boat then you WILL make it work.

Anyway back to today and life at Norbury, it started wet! the sun came out, it rained a bit and its been a bit humid, its been a bit grey and the sun has put in an appearance now and again just to remind us that it is August and it is summer time! we have had three day boats go out again this morning, Fred is his usual grumpy self while he is still laying off the cigarettes,but he went and did his jobs without too much moaning, Mick showed all three day boats out and then returned back to several jobs that he has on the go at the moment, Bernard did a spot of welding on a boat in the dock, and has also serviced the motor homes, Matt is cracking on with the paint job in the dock, Ange has been catching up on paperwork while Jay and Cheryl have been looking after the shop and Tea room, nothing too exciting has happened today, I suppose you cant count the day boaters leaving their loaf of bread behind and returning from miles up the canal just to fetch it, they must be really hungry! or the odd complaint that we have had about the noise of the horse that now resides in one of our fields here!

So thats about it from me for yet another day, I have too get off pretty smart tonight as I have two boats to go and look at in Cheshire and I want some dinner before I go so Adios Simon.

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