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Saturday, 20 August 2011

no blog :(

i'll write it then.
helloooo it's me, i haven't blogged for a couple of weeks and as david didn't do the blog last night i thought i'd do it this morning just for a change. i stayed the night on lorraines boat last night as i couldn't get home cos of the v festival, the A5 was like a car park so i stayed at norbury, need less to say i was very early for work :).
before i came to work yesterday (i had to leave early cos of the traffic building up) i let the dog out in the garden as i usually do only to find that next doors chickens and cockerels were in my garden, what mayhem. there was dylan my basset running hell for leather round the garden chasing 5 birds, there were feathers and ears flying round everywhere lol!!
anyway i've got boats to get ready for this afternoon and a stack of washing to do, i'm sure david will post later and tell you all about today, speak soon, ange.

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