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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Andari’s up, up and away

It rained hard during the night. That hard infact that it even woke me up at one point! By the time it was time to get up and take Annie dog out for a walk it had started to dry up and by the time I arrived at Norbury, the sun was starting to shine. It’s threatened rain a couple of times today, but until now it has held off. I hope that it continues to hold off all evening as I will be avidly watching Mikron’s performance of Hell and High Water at the Anchor this evening – I will hopefully see some of you there??

We had three day boats out again this morning which Graham saw to. Fred has been down in the depths of the dry dock blacking the two boats that we currently have on there and painting the counter bands. It certainly doesn’t make life easy for him having two boats on the dock as he has to climb over a bostock or two, but he does little grumbling – well what I hear anyway! Here’s a picture for you.

I’ve also got a couple more pictures for you all today. We had a haulage firm in to crane Andari out this morning as it has now moved to a different location. Here’s a picture of the driver setting up…

And another of the boat safely on the wagon.

We can arrange cranage, haulage and provide hard standing for any size of (narrow) boat at very competitive prices. You can drop us a line if you would like further information.

Graham hasn’t made much progress on the cabin job today as he has been down in the dry dock fitting anodes, replacing a bottom rudder bearing and doing some plating work. Bernard has been doing some work on Debdale and has also been on a breakdown to a private boat at Market Drayton.

Matt’s settling in to his new role as resident boat painter here at Norbury and he is getting on very well with the boat that he has got in the dock called La valeria. He should have her completed for the weekend. Here’s a picture to show you his work so far. I’ll get you another one when we slide her out of the dock on Sunday.

Ange and Lorraine have been busy in the tea room today, whilst I have been trying to catch up on emails and correspondence from customers and generally keeping a beady eye on the whole sit and generally keeping a beady eye on the whole site.

One last picture for today. Here’s a picture of the progress that Steve and Aaron have made up the moorings.

Becks rang earlier, she was descending the locks at Atherstone on Sovereign Lady when the engine faided away and eventually stopped. Luckily nothing serious, but she has learnt the hard way that the tank requires diesel in it! It's a good job that I have friends in that area to jump in and help us out (thanks Lol)... She's underway again now and is on a marathon to arrive back here for Saturday morning - give her a wave if you see her!

Have a good evening and I will be back again tomorrow.

Best regards,



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