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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Autumn is on its way!

There is a definite nip in the air in the mornings and late at night now, I can feel that autumn is on its way, I love the four seasons but I really love spring and Autumn they seem to bring everything to life, the colours are so vivid and that moist fresh smell in the air is like a tonic! The weather today is a stark contrast to yesterday, it has been stunning all day, the sun has been shining and there has been a fresh breeze that has helped to keep the temperature at a very nice level, it hasn't been that hot and humid like It sometimes can be at this time of year.

We have seen another very busy day today, lots and lots of people around, the tea room has been busy all day, Angela and myself have been busy in the shop and chandlery all day as well, the lads have all been busy, except Fred who has had an easy day! Steve is back off his holiday so the moorings work has started again, Bernard has been engine servicing and removing a very tired old engine from a boat, Mick has been on several different boats as well as a breakdown and then several private jobs this afternoon while Matt has been preparing a roof for some paint and applying the first coats of primer to the boat new paint job that is in the wet dock, as I type Micky is still working on a shared owned boat that has got some problems and I am just about to shut the computers down and shut up shop for another day.

Until tomorrow

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