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Saturday, 27 August 2011

A post from Lorraine

Hi it’s Lol here! David has asked me to do the blog today, against my will… I have been working here for 6 months on 1st September and it has been a very enjoyable, but eventful time…

Ange and Lorraine sporting some of our new stock.

I used to work on cruise ships – a slightly larger scale than narrow boats on the canal! In both jobs I have met great people and have had great working relationships with my colleagues. It was hard work on the cruise ships, especially at the height of the season but at the same time having a laugh too, I try to do the same here.

The very first time that I met the staff at Norbury was when I came clambering out of the canal like a drowned rat. Ange was the first to spot me as she was having her break on the Wharf. I had fell into the canal off of the front of my boat when we were pulling in for diesel. That wasn’t to be the last time either… The last time it was self inflicted! Too many beverages and not of the non alcoholic type either.

Have I mentioned that I don’t like water and that I never have? I can’t swim either. You may ask yourself “why has she sailed on cruise ships and work at the Wharf?” The reason is because I want to.

I was offered a job at the Wharf after falling in and this is my first blog as you have probably gathered.

Oh yes, my job role here apart from avoiding falling in the canal again consists of working in the tearoom, I clean the boats and have always got a mop in my hand. I also work on reception when needed or when Simon, David and Ange can put up with the numpty – yes that’s what Simon ‘the boss’ calls me, bless him! Other than that I generally float around (no I’m not on drugs haha) well I’ll go now as I need to clean the day boats and we are going home soon.

Luv Lol x

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