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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Not very exciting

When I arose at six this morning it looked like a promising day, the sun was shining and the birds were singing but as the day has worn on the clouds have gathered and it has made it a bit of an overcast dull day with the odd bit of sun every now and then.

Its been a busy day today, haven't really stopped again but at least it has made the day go quickly, Mick did half a day on Cloud nines wood work, Bernard took an engine out, Freddie blacked a boat, started stripping the grit off a the boat in the wet dock but then started complaining about his fingers tingling, (he is getting on a bit) so he then went on to pump out duties on the wharf, Graham is doing a fantastic job on the re cabin, it is looking superb! Thanks Graham if you are reading this.

Yesterday When speaking to That nice gentleman who popped in, Graham was his name, he said that he was on his way back home up North and was staying with some friends in Morecambe, I was telling him about the Ulverston canal, this is a canal that not many people have heard about, anyway I was saying that there was a lovely pub and restaurant at the end of the canal looking over Morecambe bay well take a look at this What a gem of a place, I stayed there several years ago and was very impressed, Take a look at the picture gallery on their website for some pictures of the canal and the stunning scenery, it isnt very often you find a real gem but when you do you shold tell everyone about it, I really must find the time to pay another visit to there again.

That's It from me today, its ten to six and I'm off home.

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