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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The sun has returned, yipeeeeee

At last the sun has come back to Norbury, I am so glad after the gloomy weekend, its not quite sun bathing weather but none the less its warm and it makes the day go a lot better,I have even managed to remove my coat, The sun has also bought the customers out and we have seen plenty of people here today, either visiting on foot or by boat,in fact its been manic, the wharf has again been busy today and they were queueing under the bridge waiting for services, I even had to do a pump out and diesel myself today!

Fred has been kept busy with the wharf, blacking and strimming the moorings, Graham saw the day boats out first thing this morning and then fitted a locking filler cap to a private boat while Bernard did a few jobs on another private boat that has come in for some work, once he finished that he then carried on with some rectification work that the surveyor had recommended on a boat that has just been sold, Lee has been busy putting the finishing touches to Falcon, while Steve has been getting the mini digger stuck up to its axles in mud up the towpath, Graham had to go up with a set of chains and block and tackle to rescue it, later on he has had to go to a shared boat that has broken down, All in all another busy day and a pleasant one as well as the sun was shining.

That's it from me for another day, so until tomorrow.

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