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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Missed Blog

I miss out one blog and people notice, I am surprised that so many people read it! I missed it as I was just too busy yesterday and I didn't finish until late and then I had to go and look at some steel sections for the work that we are doing on the moorings, unfortunately it was no good so we are reverting back to our original plan of using timber along the front of the pilings, just to give you some idea of what we are doing, we have widened the footpath by about a meter, we are re- surfacing the whole length with stone, we are repairing the piles where they have come away from the bank, installing new mooring rings the full length of the moorings and we will be putting in another couple of electric points and water supply further along, this will take a few months so anyone who is moored up there please bear with us, it will be much better when its all finished and well worth the wait.

Its been a busy couple of days here at Norbury, David has been off for his 'weekend' he has gone off down south boating with some friends, Angela has also had a couple of days off so we have been a bit thin on the ground today, David is back tomorrow and Angela on Friday, but then I am off on holiday for a week so David and Angela will be busy, its always the same, there is always someone off on holiday or catching up with days off.

The weather has been a mixed bag over the last couple of days, I think they call it a typical English summer? one minute its grey, or raining, the next minute it is glorious sunshine, I don't know if to put my coat on or take it off! It does however seem to improve as the day goes by, Amazingly I have had my fire lit at home for the past few nights as the temperature has dropped enough for me to feel the cold, although I have now turned the central heating off! We are still selling smokeless fuel so I reckon that people on boats are doing the same.

All the lads have been busy over the last couple of days, Micky finishing off jobs on Falcon, that's is finished now and looks superb, The owner is very pleased indeed with it, Bernard has been up to all sorts of things mainly on our hire boats that are in at the moment, Poor OLD Fred is not very well at the moment and he is sure letting everyone know it, he only did half a day yesterday and went home to bed, I think he needs to work harder then he wouldn't notice it!

That's about it from me for today, so until tomorrow.

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