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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Barmy day!

Its been a very very busy today, Saturday is our other turnaround day as some of you will already know and it all went very well indeed, we did have a a couple of small issues which the lads sorted out in due course, the weather has been relatively kind to us today which has made the day go OK.

So we had two day boats out first thing, six hire boats returned, seven boats out this afternoon and a motor home, everyone has worked very well and all of their hard work is very much appreciated, we now have a new show round girl (Becks) who did a superb job and as our hire fleet will be increasing next year she is a welcome addition to our friendly crew, we currently have 10 hire boats, two day boats but next year we will be increasing the fleet by at least three or even four boats, we will be needing another engineer for them so if anyone fancies a job drop me a line.

Everyone in the office has worked well today and Angela has worked her little cotton socks off, thanks Ange x, amidst all of the goings on today I even managed to iron out some issues with the computers at long last!

Thanks for the message Ira and Carrolin, your mooring has not changed much so you will still find it! we will be doing your last and that may take some time!

Well that's it from me until Monday, I am off tomorrow so I wont write up the blog, Not sure if Angel will or not, I boubt she will have time, so until Monday, I hope you all have a nice weekend.

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