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Sunday, 19 June 2011


Well here we are again, my last blogging for a while. Simon will be back tomorrow to keep you all entertained whilst I'm on holiday.

John and Di stopped this morning for diesel, on their way to Braunston with Dory. I've got some fond memories of her back in the early 2000's when she was owned by Chris Shenton and she was taken about by John and June Anderson. It's great to be at Norbury listening to the bop, bop, bopperty bop, beat of a bolinder, it sends shivers down my spine... I can so easily imagine heavily laden Clayton's boats meeting a pair of Joshers' in the basin, greeting each other and then bopping off onto Shelmore embankment and Grub Street cutting alike, obviously that was when the trade was still on the canal! Anyway here's a picture of Dory heading south after shoving off from the wharf.

John Cooper picked Falcon up this morning following it's complete repaint - she does look smart and he is very proud of her. If you see John on his travels, give him a wave and give him a wide berth so his boat doesn't get scratched...

Mick and Ralph docked The Shrew this morning. She has now been pressure washed prior to blacking and Graham will be doing some steel work on her tomorrow.

Lee has also been in today, even though it is his birthday (Happy Birthday, Lee!). He's cracking on with Sumo and has been doing some paLinkintwork on Cloud Nine.

Sue and Vic; aboard No Problem, are regular customers of ours and they are on the upper reaches of the Thames as I write. Sue's blog is well worth a read, find it here -

Hope to see some of you at Braunston!



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  1. David,
    Claytons and Joshers passing at Norbury - now there's a thought!
    Hope to see you at Braunston - Starcross is already there!