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Monday, 6 June 2011

Sunny Monday afternoon

It started out a grey, cold and damp morning this morning and stayed a grey day up until lunch time and as I type this it the sun has come out and it is a stunning afternoon, I thought that it was a quiet morning but when i noticed the time it was lunch time and I don't know what happened to the time, I nipped out to do the banking and I have not stopped all afternoon, It has gone quiet now that the lads have all gone home and the customers have disappeared so it has given me the opportunity to type up the blog.

As we are getting busier I must apologise in advance if we start to miss the odd day here and there on the blog, I missed Fridays out completely and got a telling off from my mom as she is an avid reader as well, she reckons it is the only way that she keeps up to speed with what I am doing, well some of it, Friday seemed to come and go in a haze and I forgot completely until Saturday when I read Davids blog and realised that I hadn't done Fridays, I am blaming David for that as he dragged me kicking and screaming down to one of our local pubs for a beer and that was the end of me for the evening!

Whats been going on today? I know all the lads have been busy, doing what I am unsure, I think that Micks been on Falcon re fitting it after it has come out of the painting dock, Lee has started preparing another one in the dock, Ralph has been blacking, Steve has been digging holes in the towpath up our moorings and Graham has been welding the cabin together, (I think) David has been busy doing David things and apart from doing the banking it seems like I haven't achieved much, I am sure I must have done but I cant remember now.

That's it from me for today, David is not in now for the next two days so if I am not too busy tomorrow I will post something if I can.

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