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Saturday, 4 June 2011


The lambs in the field woke me up this morning bleating their little heads off and the odd ‘bah’ coming from their mothers! It was time to get up and take Annie for a walk in the already warm sunshine. Annie is my Springer Spaniel that I have had for the last four years.

I arrived at work for about 8am, already to find that some of the hire boats were making their way back into the basin and tying up alongside each other. Ralph and Mick got the two day boats ready and also Phantasy for their oncoming guests for the day.

We have turned eight boats around today and they have all now departed for their weeks holiday without any issues. Everyone has worked really hard today and done a fantastic job.

I’m just sat waiting for one of the dayboats to return and then I’m off home for the day – they aren’t late back, as they did book an extra hour!

It's been another scorcher today, although we have had light rain later this afternoon. Lets hope the sun is out again tomorrow.

Until tomorrow.


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