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Sunday, 5 June 2011

What a busy day it has been today... Jay is on holiday at the moment, so Lorraine has been covering in the tea room over the last few days. We had flocks of customers in this morning for breakfasts, bacon sarnies and lots of tea, which meant that I had to ring Caroline and ask her to start early and I even had to do a stint in the kitchen; helping collecting plates, washing up and running orders. Now that doesn't happen every week - so that shows how busy we have been…

The canal hasn’t been very busy today, although we have still had a few boats pull on the wharf for services.

I’ve been trying to catch up with the advertising of the brokerage boats this afternoon – I’ve just got the websites to update now, so watch this space for our new additions. We’ve had done extremely well in the last ten days – we’ve sold seven boats!!! So if you have got a boat to sell, you really should bring it to us to advertise on your behalf. We don’t charge you for moorings and our brokerage fee is only 4% + VAT.

Mick and Ralph docked two boats this morning and have just got Falcon out of the paint dock. Lee has done a super job on it – I’ll get you some pictures and upload them tomorrow.

Simon’s back tomorrow, so I am sure that he will keep you entertained for the week.

I’m off now to walk the dog and generally relax! Until next week…



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