Shop front in the summer

Monday, 13 June 2011

It has certainly been a bit busier today. The rain has held off; we’ve only had a couple of light showers, which has seemed to have brought the crowds out. Ralph has turned Phantasy, Quartz and Sphynx around in between seeing to the services that the passing boats have requested on the wharf today. He had them stacked three deep at one point!

Steve has blacked the boat on the dock, whilst Lee has done the painting works required on it in between painting the boat that he currently has in the dock.

The wood has arrived to put the new walkway in up on our main line moorings, so once the bolts arrive tomorrow, Steve will be steaming ahead with that.

As the sun is out, I will leave you with a picture that will hopefully leave a bit of tranquillity here at Norbury, ready for another action packed day tomorrow…

It’s been a very eventful day here, far too exciting to be posting all over the internet. So, I am off to the ale house to relax and I will catch up with you all tomorrow.


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