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Sunday, 12 June 2011

All in a days (boating) work

We had an incredibly busy day yesterday. All of our boats went out; barring one, which usually keeps us busy enough but we ended up with three blocked toilets across two boats. Poor Mick had to strip the macerator down on Ember whilst I relieved Ralph (as Fred is poorly and not at work) trying to pump out Sovereign Lady so that he could start showing the boats out. Baby wipes, luxury toilet paper and these new fangled moist toilet wipes were the problem. They managed to get up inside the pumpout pipe and block that solid which meant that we had to move the boats over onto the wharf to pump them out from inside the boat. We eventually sorted both boats out, although one of Mick’s jobs today has been to unblock the pumpout hose. Lovely subject isn’t it? I really don’t know how many times we have to stress to people NOT to put items like this down the toilet due to the trouble that it causes after – that’s why I didn’t get time to write a blog yesterday (sorry).

Anyway, with all that aside we had a good day and turned the boats around with only minor issues to put right. I do miss Fred when he isn’t here though. So, hurry up and get better Fred – we all wish you well…

This morning started early. Thirty cyclists booked in for full English breakfasts, twenty people out on two dayboats and of course the normal passing trade. And then the heavens opened!

I’ve been catching up on things that I should have done yesterday! Ralph and Mick docked a private boat, which Ralph has pressure washed and Mick has been doing some jobs on a private boat and has also been out on a break down.

It’s been a quiet afternoon, but I guess that’s because of the rain.

Lets hope for a more interesting day tomorrow.
Until then

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