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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Longest Day

It has been a typically English summers day today, weather wise I mean, One minute we have had glorious sunshine, so much so that I have had my sweat shirt off! and the next minute it went as black as a coal miners crotch and threw it down, and then the sun came back out and it has been a lovely afternoon! Just a thought to cheer you all up, did you know that it is the longest day today? from now on it will start getting darker earlier and we are now on the run down to Winter!! Now that's a cheery thought!!!

We have been kept busy all day, even though it has been quiet on the canal, but as I write the blog Fred is just out side doing a pump out when he should be on his way home, he has been good today, he even started early so that he could catch up with some outstanding jobs, that cold he had last week has done him the world of good I think, Cheers Fred! Bernard has also worked hard today and completed several services as well as getting an engine up and running that has not run for a couple of years and he has also been fitting a new stainless stell tank in to one of the hire boats, Micky has been on the motor home getting it ready for its next holiday makers, I hope the weather is kinder to them that the last ones, and finishing some outstanding jobs on a private boat, Lee has been fliting from one paint job to another and trying to dodge the showers, We also had a large delivery of batteries today, so we are fully stocked with more fresh batteries in the chandlery, If you want some 110amphr at a fantastic price then you will not beat our price of £63.50 for three or more, we also now stock 135amphr at a very very good price.

I went up the moorings today and Steve is making good progress and cracking on well with works which is going to make them superb when all finished, I cant wait until they are all done, I will crack open a bottle of the fizzy stuff to celebrate!

I must get off as I need to go and view a boat that is at Wheaton Aston for some work and my tea will be going cold!


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