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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Twice in one week - pictures!

Here's a new addition to our current list of Brokerage Boats. Andari is now for sale - I'm just completing the paperwork and then you will be able to read all about her on our website

Falcon has now been finished. Lee has made a superb job of the painting and all of the other bits and pieces are now done.

Cloud Nine is on the dock for an assortment of works. Fred has been painting the gunnels today and has given her a coat of black.

Quartz sprung a leak, traced back to the stainless steel fresh water tank and as there was no inspection plate in the well deck Bernard set to with the plasma cutter and has cut the deck out. We've now lifted the tank out and a new one will have to be ordered.

Graham has now formed the roof for Hawthorne. Here it is prior to fitting to the boat.

It's been another busy day today, lovely infact with the sun blaring down on us - lets hope that it stays that way :-)

Until tomorrow.



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