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Monday, 20 June 2011

an unexpectedly nice day!

Well what a superb day it has been today, the forecasters have got it wrong yet again as they said that it would be a damp day with rain this afternoon, as I am sat here typing this it is a beautiful afternoon outside and it looks like it will stay like this all evening, Typical as its my first day back at work after my holiday and the weather was bloody awful, I didn't manage to do as much boating as I wanted to do but it was a break if nothing else, that's the trouble with the sea, you cant just please yourselves like you can on the canals!

Its been a very busy day today, lots of people around, lots of boats on the wharf for services, and lots of catching up for me to do, the usual has been going on around the yard, so the lads have been doing the normal sort of jobs, nothing to exciting to report, David is off on his holidays today, a much needed break he is having, he is off down to Braunston as I am sure he has mentioned (more than once) you will have to put up with me blogging for the next couple of weeks.

That's it from me today as I have plenty of things to catch up with still.


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