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Monday, 27 June 2011

Bloody warm

We shouldn't really moan about the weather but isn't it funny how we English always moan about the it, Its either too cold, too hot, too muggy and so on! Today has been very very warm at Norbury, this hot weather does bring its own problems though with boats and we are now seeing fridges failing because its that hot, yesterday it reached 31 degrees and today it was in the high 20's its good though as it does bring the people out and our ice cream sales shoot through the roof!

It started early this morning, I was on my way in to work early but got held up by a load of cows in the lane just approaching work so I was slightly later than anticipated, upon arrival there were 2 boat already waiting on the wharf for services, that pretty much stayed like that all morning as we had a steady stream of boats in and out for diesel, gas and pump outs, that kept Ralph busy, we had two day boats out first thing this morning which Mick sorted out, one of our hire boats was returned after a short break and the family had a fantastic time, we also had to get two boats ready and they went out this afternoon with some happy holiday makers on for week, Poor old Graham has been welding all day, that isn't the nicest of jobs in the heat but he has cracked on and the cabin is really taking shape now, he is just in the process of putting in a new front deck, Mick has been on several different jobs all day including stripping the roof on a boat in for top side painting, I have not stopped in the office today and Jay has also been very busy, all in all a good day.

Angela did a good job yesterday, especially as it was the first time that she has done a Sunday by her self, I enjoyed her blog, its nice to have someone else write it as they have a different slant on things.

That's it from me for today, I'm now sat at home with a cool pear cider and enjoying the evening sun.

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