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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

They have all laid in wait!!

Wowser what a busy day, I reckon that everyone that was out boating decided to wait until today until to come on to the wharf for something, From first thing this morning until now it has not stopped here all day, Fred started dieseling boats up first thing and that kept him busy until his morning cuppa at 10.30 and we have had a nice steady flow of customers on the wharf all day for diesel and other things, we have also had plenty of boats in for work today.

Mick has been busy all day on two private boats, one fitting a new toilet and the other removing a toilet and replacing the floor, he then went on to a private boat with a wiring problem, Bernard was a bit late this morning as he isn't very well and has a chest infection but to be fair he came in and although he has seemed to be stuck in first gear he has at least completed the tasks in hand, which were re aligning an alternator, sorting out some diesel leaks and has started on another job which entails changing some hoses on an engine, Freddie has not only served hundreds of litres of diesel today he has also blacked a boat, cut the cottage lawn and strimmed the moorings down the arm, Lee has painted some counter bands on a boat in the dock and has carried on with Falcon while our sign writer has made a start on the sign writing, I have to say, it is looking very smart indeed! Angela has also been busy today and has not stopped with boat bookings, and generally looking after customers, me on the other hand, well I have had my feet up on the desk all day and have been dosing.................................................................NOT!!

I would say that after the poor weekend things have got off to a good start now, lets hope it stays like this now for the rest of the season.


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