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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Playing catch up

Did it rain or what last night? the thunder and lightening show was spectacular, fortunatley this morning it had all gone and the sun was shining at 5am when the blasted birds woke me up! it hasnt been the best of days in terms of weather, at one point i nearly took my coat off but then it went like Siberia again and it has been threatening rain most of the day, despite all of this it hasnt put the customers off and we have seen a steady flow of customers in all day which has kept Jay busy and happy.

The lads have been kept busy all day, Fred doing jobs on the moorings, Bernard repairing the Matbro,sorting the motor home out and servicing one or two of the hire boats, Mick has been on a private job this morning sorting out leaky mushroom vents and sorting out yet more leaks on roof lights this afternoon,I am not suprised though given the amount of rain we had yesterday! We have been busy today with customers looking at boats for sale, that has kept me busy anyway and I have also been up dating adverts for the papers and magazines that we use and we have had a steady stream of boats on the wharf today for services, I suspect that they all stayed tied up yesterday because of the weather(fine weather boaters!!)

Nothing else really to add about todays events other than to say have a nice evening.

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