Shop front in the summer

Thursday, 5 May 2011

All change

I knew it was to good to last, woke up this morning to an overcast sky and a definate chill in the air, compared to the last few weeks any way! It hasnt been a bad day here at Norbury today, the sun has popped its head out once or twice but we did get some rain, it wasnt enough to even damp the dust down, the forecastors have given fantastic weather right through until July, when will the hose pipe bans start?

I had to go out last night up to Swanley marina and on the way back I decided to pop in to Audlem to have my dinner, what a dissapointment, I tried the Lord Combermere last week and their menu was very limited, I have eaten there before and it was excellent, i thought that on this occasion I would try the Bridge, again I have eaten there before and it has been excellent, this time however the place was deserted, TV blarring away with footie and again a limited menu so I went down to the Shroppie Fly, TV blarring away again but at least there was some life in the place and the menu was a bit more inspiring;the rump steak was ordered, well presented but not that good! If you want decent food at a good price you can not beat the Wharf Tavern at Goldstone, simply superb! The canal was very quiet in Audlem and there were only three boats tied up in the town pound and not much either side of the locks, Is it a sign of the times with rising fuel costs and people feeling the pinch that people are not doing so much crusing?

If you notice the time on my posts you will see that it is often early that day, this is because the blog registers the time as soon as you start on a new post, I usually start the post early and then leave it on the computer and up date it all day long, it saves me trying to remeber what has been done during the day, once completed I then publish it just before I go home!

No real calamities today, Fred has been blacking and then he went out for a 'jolly' to Penkeridge, Bernard has been tightening propellors up on the boat in the dock and engine servicing on a private boat and Steve has been painting.

Nowt else to say so until tomorrow.



  1. If you want your posts to have a more sensible time on them, before you publish click on Post Options, and you'll be able to change the time to anything you like. You can even put a time or date in the future, and it will automatically publish then.

  2. I don't think many pub landlords realise that "blaring TVs" - and overloud music - can deter as many customers as they attract, if not more.

  3. thanks Adam. I will give it a try

    You are so right Jim, I walk in and out again if the footie is on!!!!!