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Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Can you believe this weather we are having? another superb day here at Norbury, the sun was shining again at 5am this morning and I knew it was going to be another fine day! When will it end? The forecasters have said that it will be changing towards the weekend, I certainly hope it doesnt just yet,I know we desperately need some rain but but would be nice if it hammered it down at night and then was sunny during the day time, one can live in hope!

Not overly busy today, we have un docked a boat today and docked a seventy footer for survey and blacking,Fred has pressure washed it and it looks to be in reasonable condition, that will please the prospective purchasers, Bernard has been out to a breakdown near to Chester today,the boiler on Ember wouldn't stay lit, he sorted that one out and has been doing an engine service on a private boat, that only leaves Steve, and he has been painting a boat in the wet dock, Not much to add really, the shared boats are all out, the phones are quiet so no problems with any of them, the wharf has seen a couple of boats on today for services but the canal does seem quiet again.

I have spoken with David who is now enjoying the lovely weather in Spain, when I spoke to him he was in the process of enjoying a cool beer, I wont tell you what I was thinking when he told me!!!

That's about it from me today, we will see what tomorrow brings.

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