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Monday, 23 May 2011

Wind and rain…

As the title says that is what we have had for most of the day, although the sun has just come out in the last half an hour or so – now we are going home.

Lee is getting on well with Falcon, that’s the boat he has got in the wet dock that is having a full paintjob. Here is a picture with her undercoat on and coachline taped up in preparation for starting the application of the panel colours. The majority of customers request square corners to their coachlines, but this particular customer has requested scallop or rounded corners which we will also do (for an extra cost of course haha).

Graham has been on all manor of jobs mainly on the boats that we have got in from our hire fleet. First job was to sort a bent rudder and skeg out on Python. The Portapower hydraulic jack we have proved to be a problem, so that has had to have a service too! Here’s Python with the rudder gear in bits.

Mick’s been working on a private boat and Ralph’s been pressure washing the boat that we have on the dock and turning round the four hire boats that we have in.

There’s only been me and Jay in the shop and tearoom today, although I try and keep out of the kitchen – it really isn’t me! We’ve had a few walkers and cyclists in and have taken a number of hire bookings. I’ve been catching up on paperwork, brokerage advertising and ordering stuff that we need.

I spoke to Simon last night, and he confirmed that he has been bobbing about quite a bit on his boat the last couple of days – he should have stuck to narrowboating!

Until tomorrow.



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