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Friday, 6 May 2011

Busy warm Friday

It didnt start out to be a warm day, in fact there was a definate 'nip'in the air but it didnt last long fortunetley and by lunch time it had really warmed up, there has been plenty going on here today, only six shared boats turned around today, I am glad as David is not here and he is far better organised than me with dealing with the owners requirements, although Angela does a stirling job and she is very organised as well, I would almost go as far as saying that I miss them when they are not around! I have been busy and we have seen a lot of people in looking at boats or booking boats in for work, paint jobs and bottom blacking which has kept me busy all day, I even sold Lilly No1 today so not a bad day!

Freddie has been kept busy again today with pump outs, he must go to bed of a night time dreaming about pooh! he has done about 10 or 11 pump outs including the hire fleet which is going out tomorrow, he then went off up the moorings, he assures me that it takes a long time to cut the grass but I reckon that he finds a nice patch in the sun and has 40 winks!! Bernard has been kept busy with prop shafts, bow thrusters and engine services, Mick has been puting broken bits back on to the shared boats, sorting a dodgy boiler out and replacing the floor on a boat, steve has almost finished with the paint job and Matt has washed nearly all of the boats, only about 12 to go, I think he will have to finish them off tomorrow.

I dont get to finish early tonight and I have to take Becks up the Welsh canal to collect a boat that is being bought back here to be put up for sale, so on that note I am going to shoot off, so until tomorrow.

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