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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Running out of steam

Its been a long few weeks for me because of the bank holidays and the way that they have fallen this year, but my long stint is nearly over, only one more day to go and David is back from his holiday and I am having a couple of days off to catch up on some R&R, you don't realise how you seem to run out of steam when you haven't had a break for a long spell, I never used to have grey hair until I started doing this job, is it the job or my age that has caused it I wonder?

It hasn't been a bad day today, the weather has been quite kind, we did have a few spots of rain but it didn't amount to much and the sun has appeared on a few occasions, and it has turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

We have had a new engineer start today, he is a nice chap and he knows his onions, he has been involved in this industry 28 years so he really know his stuff and he will be a valued member of the team here at Norbury, his name is Graham so make sure you make him feel really welcome if you see him around the place, the lads have been really busy today, we have docked two boats, fitted a new propeller, pressure washed two boats, done and engine service, welded some hinges on a boat, fitted some batteries, checked out an alternator on a boat, that now needs a new one, welded some anodes on to a boat,done several pump outs, lots of diesel, seen lots of prospective boat owners, taken lots of bookings and so on, the shop has been busy and the tea room has kept Lorraine busy all day.

That's it from me today, David id back in the country tomorrow and back at work on Friday so no doubt he will let you know about his adventures while he was away.


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