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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Noah and the Ark spring to mind

I went out for a bite to eat last night and did it rain or what? If that had kept up for long then British waterways wouldn't have had any canals to worry about and everyone with a boat would be called Noah, The roads were like rivers, The level in the canal this morning was certainly up, I am sure the farmers around here will have been glad of the down pour, it carried on well in to the night, the sky this morning looked full of rain and was very dark and moody, it has rained on and off all morning but the sun has come out to brighten the day up and it has ended up being a lovely day.

No day boats out today so Ralph and Mick have been swapping boats over in both docks, that is not a five minute job, Ralph has been preparing a roof for re painting and has been attending to a few jobs on the moorings and Mick has been out on a breakdown and started stripping the boat down in the wet dock ready for Lee to start preparing the paint work for a full paint job next week, We have had another breakdown on a private boat but there is no rush for that so it will be done next week, Becks has finally mad it back to Norbury after her epic voyage on a brokerage boat that has turned in to a bit of a disaster, the engine kept overheating so it has taken a little longer and a tow to get it back, we will soon have that sorted!

There might not be a post tomorrow as we will not have any electric here at Norbury, the electric will be off as there are some major repairs being undertaken in our supply line, it will be a quiet day tomorrow, even our phones will be off!

That's about it from me today.

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  1. we had a great weekend on the water what a laugh! and thanks to mike for our tow! people are so friendly! was a bit longer than expected due to the breakdown but great fun boating!