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Sunday, 22 May 2011

One thing or another...

I arrived at Norbury at 8am this morning and it looked like it was going to be a pleasant day, but that soon changed. Ralph saw the dayboats out and half an hour or so later they were to be seen coming back through the bridge. A tree had come down across the canal just north of the High bridge, was blocking the cut, so the dayboats headed off south making for Wheaton Aston instead. The tree must have been blown down in the night. Soon after the dayboats had passed the wind begun to pick up again and it has been blowing a hooly all day. So much so that it took my breath away and nearly blew me off of my feet at one point.

Mick and Ralph docked a boat this morning for a survey, and another one this afternoon, also for a survey.

There hasn’t been many boats (or infact people) around today, but I really do not blame them as the weather hasn’t been very kind. I bet Simon is bobbing up and down on his boat a little!

Steve is making good progress up the moorings, I will try my best to get some pictures tomorrow for you all to see.

About 4.30 the dayboats returned home, with both parties who thoroughly enjoyed a day out on the canal. I came back into the office to start writing this blog and heard shouts for me from outside. Unfortunately our industrial dryer decided to malfunction and caught fire. Mick, Lee and Ralph already had the flames under control and had the electric and gas supplies to it isolated. We have insured it was out and removed the burning material from inside before opening all of the doors to allow the smoke to clear. It’s a bit worrying to think that we occasionally used to leave it on when we went home – not in future. So, we are now in need of a new drier, if anyone knows of one needing a home or a good contact, please do let me know as I will start our hunt for one tomorrow.

Until then.



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  1. David,
    How's the Webcam installation coming along ??

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    Phil + Terri (Nb Silhouette)