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Monday, 30 May 2011

Back to the norm!

Well its bank holiday Monday and guess what.............. we have returned back to the normal weather conditions in this country associated with a bank holiday, its raining, and it has rained pretty much all day, until now, Typical! Great if you are a duck but not so much fun if you are standing on the back of a boat, needless to say it has been a quiet day here, we had two day boats go out first thing this morning and we have had two hire boats go out this afternoon but a distinct lack of people around over the course of the day and who can blame them for staying at home on a day like this, but 'sods law' always prevails and in the last hour the sun came out, so did a few people, a bit late in the day now!

It hasn't all been bad today as we have completed on a boat that sold yesterday, a new moorer has arrived today and taken up his new berth down the old Newport arm and we have had another boat come in today to be sold, so not a total wash out!

Graham has turned the two boats around that came back yesterday,fitted some anodes and carried on with the fitting of the new steel cabin, Mick has been removing an old toilet, fitting a new one and finishing off some jobs on other private boats around the yard, Ralph has blacked a boat on the dock, Lee has carried on with the painting of Falcon, I have to say what a fantastic job he is doing and the boat looks fantastic, he has also done the counter bands on the boat in the dock, Pam and Billy dropped in first thing this morning to collect more leaflets for the show, they said it is going OK, shame about the weather there today, they did say that they have struggled with keeping the Marque on the ground though, lets hope that they have had a bit of sun this afternnon.

That's about it from me for today

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