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Monday, 2 May 2011

Early start

It was 5 am when I awoke this morning, I honestly thought that I had over slept because the sun was shining like it was mid day, no wind in the air and the birds were giving their morning chorus (noisy things) I realised at that point that it was going to be another busy day, I have not been disappointed but it has been nowhere near as manic as the past couple of days.

Over the last few days I have been moving boats around and I have to say that peoples boat husbandry nowadays is atrocious, years ago boat men took a real pride in their boat handling skills, a pride in their boats, things were done in a simplistic way to make the handling of the boats and the ropes as easy as possible, it is a real shame that people don't adopt the same attitude as it makes boating so much better, for instance, a boat comes on to the wharf for diesel and they don't bother to tie it up properly and it floats around somewhere in the middle of the canal and makes it really difficult to get on board to even put the diesel nozzle in, then there are those that leave their boat tied with such an unusual fan dangled knot that it takes nearly half an hour to remove the ball of knitting before the boat can be moved, It amazes me that someone in charge of a privately owned narrow boat would take to the water with almost no knowledge of the basics and in some cases no knowledge of the etiquette that is adopted on the canals, thankfully not everyone is the same.

The guys and gals have been kept busy again toady with a constant stream of customers in the Tea room and sat out side taking advantage of this amazing weather, the canal has gone quieter today and we haven't seen many boats on the wharf, maybe the very strong winds are putting people off from moving their boat, if that is the case I don't blame them for staying put.

I am afraid to say that you will have to put up with my rantings for a while as David is having a well earned break, (jammy so and so) although when he comes back I am having a well earned break as well!

That's it from me today, I am off home to put my feet up.

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