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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Dull tuesday

The birds woke me up early again this morning and at 5.30 it looked like it was going to be a nice day but it soon became grey dull and overcast and it pretty much stayed like that all day, the temperature has been a bit on the cool side but at least it hasn't rained today and the wind has died down compared to how it has been of late, the wind does cause problems with handling boats so I am sure everyone is glad that it has dropped off.

It started off very quiet this morning but that didn't last long and it has been another manic day, I have not stopped all day, people with problems with their engines or just general jobs and enquiries, the wharf has been reasonably quiet though and we haven't seen many boats on the move.

Its a bit quiet around here this week as Fred is on holiday, I am sure he is missing us as much as we are missing him, Fred if you are reading this, as I know that you do, you will be glad to know that I am on my holidays next week! Bernard has been very busy today as he has had to replace a complete stern tube assembly, prop shaft, rudder cup and fit a set of anodes which has kept him out of mischief all day, Micky has been on a couple of private jobs that have come in today and has also been repairing the pressure washer, annoying really as it was serviced recently by so called professionals! Ralph has put the final coat of black on the boat in the dock and Lee has been painting again all day.

We have had a new moorer arrive, an old engine was delivered that needs re building, Angela has been busy again today with moor bookings for the boats and Jay has kept the tea room customers happy and has been tidying up in the shop and chandlery,

That's about it from me today so until tomorrow.

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