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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Bank holiday is over

Amazing how quiet it seems once the bank holiday period is over, it has gone from being manic back to its usual sleepy place! well it seems sleepy compared to how it has been! It has been another superb day though weather wise, the sun has been shining down on us all day, but it seems to have been chilly?

I have been out today buying stock so I have not seen all that has gone on,but I do know that the wharf has bben busy today as all of the boats have been leaving they have taken advantage of our excellent fuel price and filling their tanks, Angela has done a sterling job looking after things while I was out and upon my return I only had a few phone calls to make and the odd email to sort out, I might just start going out more often!

The lads have been busy today, well those that are here, Fred hasw had today off, David is away on his holidays in Spain (lucky sod) lee is on holiday so that has only left Bernard who has been doing engine servicing, straightening a rudder, Mick who has been re commisioning a boat after its winter hybernation and other odd jobs on boats here and there and Ralph who has blacked a boat and weeded the wharf and the shop, Almost forgot to mention Steve who has been preparing a boat for painting, it is only having a quick one colour paint job so it shouldnt take him long, nothing elese much to report from today so im off home.

Until tomorrow

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