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Friday, 20 May 2011


Well it has been another busy day here today. We had a couple of day boats out this morning and we've turned around eight boats and all have gone out without a hitch.

Amy and Lorraine have been busy with valets and cleaning our hire boats. Bernard and Graham have been in the depths of engine bays today checking engines over and services. Mick has been to the see the bright lights of Wolverhampton, well in actual fact he hasn't he went and sorted out an Alde gas boiler on one of our customer's boats that would not stay alight and has been back on a private boat here this afternoon. Ralph has been run off of his feet! Doing Fred's job as well as his own - pumpouts, diesel, gas, water, external valets, showrounds and blacking etc.

I am off down to Tamworth tonight to meet up with some friends from all over the Midlands, hence the short blog tonight.

Until tomorrow.



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