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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Bank holiday weekend?

I am gob smacked at just how quiet it is given that it is a bank holiday weekend, I wonder if there is a lot going on else where locally which is keeping people away? I decided that as it is a Sunday and a bank holiday that I would come in to work and show willing, well I should have stayed at home, lets hope that tomorrow is busier!

Not much to report on really, We have sold two more boats today, completed on one that sold a week or so ago, David has been doing the promotional details for another boat that has come in for sale, Ralph saw the two day boats out first thing this morning, the one came back with no issues but the other one had booked an extra hour so as I type it is still yet to come home, Mick and David docked a brokerage boat that required a survey, thankfully that went OK and now has a clean bill of health,and One very happy customer so that sale should all be completed in the next week, Ralph then pressure washed the hull and it is now ready for a few coats of International Intertuf paint, Micky then went on to a private job to sort out a seized intermediate bearing on the prop shaft, Jay has seen a few customers but nothing compared to usual and Lorraine has kept us entertained with her usual humor, she is funny!

That's it from me for today, I am having an early day so I am off home now to relax until the morning when we all start again.


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