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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Grit blasting and apply two-pack epoxy

Last week saw us docking a boat for grit blasting and subsequently applying a two pack epoxy rather than the more usual pressure washing and applying a bitumen based product or Comastic.

We blank the dock out for a week to carry out the works as there is plenty of cleaning up to do once the job is complete. Basically we dock the boat on a Sunday and pressure wash it, then on the Monday morning our grit blaster arrives who removes all the coatings off of the boat from the rubbing guard down to the base plate. The following day we apply one coat of two pack and a subsequent coat the day after. We then give it plenty of time to dry before re floating the boat. A week also allows us time to complete any other jobs that the customer has requested or we find following letting the water out of the dock.

After docking the boat last Sunday it soon became evident why the customer was experiencing water ingress through his stern tube. The propeller shaft was well worn, although the boat had only done 900 hours! The type of stern gear that was fitted isn't really suitable for the dirty water of the canals, so after a discussion it was decided to remove it and replace it with conventional stern gear (ie. with a packing gland). It was also necessary to fit a new propeller as the shaft size would be different and whilst we were at it we upgraded the coupling (between the gearbox and propeller shaft) from a standard R&D coupling to a Centraflex. Here's a few pictures as the work progressed...

 Original stern gear removed and replacement shaft in place. 
Centre tube and weld in boss sat on the skeg ready for fitting.

 Bernard welding in the new boss.
 New propeller fitted.

The boat is blacked, counter bands repainted,
new stern gear fitted and ready to be re floated.

For a quote, please contact Simon or myself by email or call 01785 284292.

Best regards, David.

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