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Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's been another busy week here at Norbury.

The plating work on Sphynx is coming along well. We docked her last Sunday, Mick pressure washed her off and then Bernard and Fred have been cutting plates and tacking them in position. It's been like something out a comedy sketch listening to them this week, but I must admit that I do miss them when they aren't around! Anyway, all the plates are now on and one side is continuously welded. Just the other side to weld up now and the stern gear and rudder gear to finish fitting. We'll then give her a couple coats of Bitumen and will flood the dock.

Lee has been battling on with the preparation of Still Dreaming for painting. I must admit that I think it may be the most difficult boat that we have ever painted. She had endless layers of paint, of which the adhesion was very poor. He also run into difficulty with the filler mentioned last week, but I think we have now over come this and he is now at the stage of apply primer and hopefully later in the week some colour will be added. Here she is bare metalled and with a coat of rust inhibitor applied.

And here she is with her first coat of primer on.

We've also been busy on another regular customers boat. This involved removing a porthole and a window and fitting a new porthole. We managed this; between showers, and here's the result.

We've also completed the sales on Silver Swallow, Silver Dew and Pickles.

Until next time.

Best regards, David.

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