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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Stunning Skys and odd birds!

Considering that it is now the middle of December and depths of winter the weather is being rather kind to us and we are having some superb days, lovely sunny spells and its very mild indeed, its that nice its tempting to go boating! And we have got some boats out next week and the week after and even some day boats, so i am not the only one to think what a good idea!

It was a lovely drive to work this morning in the sun and I was treated to a lovely scene over the boat yard as I approached, I tried to capture it on my phone but it didn't come out quite how I wanted, see what you think
after taking the picture I carried on to the main gate and I was met by this bunch of..... well I am not quite sure if they are male or female, but they are an odd bunch, they are Guinea fowl and they sort of live next door but they prefer the wharf and spend most of the day mooching around on the wharf side and trying to get in to the shop and tea room!
Ange will be writing a blog this Saturday and I know David has a lot to say and he will be writing a blog on Sunday.


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