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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Keeping you up-to-date

Although the canal remains quiet, we have had quite a busy week here at Norbury Junction.

Firstly, following a pre-purchase survey it was recommended that Elsie was over-plated along the length of her hull sides, from the chine angle (that's where the side plates meet the base plate) up to and just above the water line. So the hull sides were grit blasted, the steel was ordered and we have completed the over plating work required while the boat was on our dry dock, prior to the new owners taking possession of her.

Here's a few pictures...

Plating to the forward port side

Plating down the port side looking from the front

Plating on the port side looking from the back

Elsie plated, blacked and safely back in the water today

Richard has been working hard in the paint dock and has so far transformed Louisa from this...

to this...

He will be putting the finishing touches to her this week and she should be back out on the water by this time next week.

Bernard has been fitting a new engine into Phantom, which should improve her considerably as the original engine had a lot of hours under its belt and was starting to show signs of problems. It has been quite a big job as we have had to cut out the engine beds and fit new. She is now on the dry dock, Fred is pressure washing her prior to applying a coat of blacking and Bernard is removing the stern gear. We will get a new centre tube machined up this week and re-bush the packing gland, replace the propeller shaft and have it all back together by the end of the week.

Now you are up-to-date I will let you enjoy your Sunday afternoon...

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