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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Lots of interest in boat buying

We have been quite quiet here at Norbury today, it didn't help that the A519 was closed in Woodseaves due to roadworks. However this didn't stop the cyclists turning up in their droves this morning which kept Denise and I on our toes for a while.
We had 1 dayboat out this morning, they were lucky with the weather as it was quite mild first thing, it stayed dry for them all day but by the time they got back it was just getting dark and getting a lot colder, the main thing is that they enjoyed themselves.
Well as the title suggests we have had a lot of interest in brokerage boats over the weekend, so much so that we have had offers on Chirk Navigator, Quartz and Sphinx, all offers have been accepted so we are now just awaiting deposits. Who would believe it, November and three boats sold in a couple of days and all ex hire boats aswell.
Bernard has been in today doing bits of engineering and generally making a nuiscance of himself and Lee has been working in the dry dock and sorting out the engineering workshop getting rid of lots of rubbish in there to make room for more rubbish....ha ha.
I have been going through our E-bay shop making sure that we still have all items available in the chandlery and also parcelling up the items we have sold. We are not breaking any records but there aren't many days where we don't sell anything. Also David and I have been having a major sort out in the office, it either went in the bin or transferred to the other office which now desperately needs a major sort out, when I go over and sort it in the week I'll just throw it all in the bin anyway ;-)Lastly, Mrs Tupp has manned the tearoom, She did call me down a couple of times to help her but other than that has coped on her own.
Peter Underwood, you know who you are....capitals, just for you.
Well until next time, byyyeeeeeeeee, Ange.

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