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Saturday, 18 January 2014

it's been a long time

well as the title suggests it's been along time since i posted on our blog and as i keep getting told off for not writing one (my day is a saturday) here goes.
we had a quiet start to the day today, it does seem strange not having any day boats out with lots of people milling about and the smell of bacon as they all wait for their breakfast baps before they depart on the boats, but they are booking very well for march, so roll on march ;-)
we have had "pippin" go out today for a week with returning customers and they have headed south towards great haywood, i hope the weather is kind to them, they did head off with lots of logs on board so if it is damp or cold at least they will be warm with the solid fuel stove blazing away.
denise has been out spring cleaning sphinx today but i had to keep calling her back in as the tea room has ticked over nicely today.
fred has been pressure washing and blacking today. we have "bounty" and "victory", two of our day boats in there at the moment for a freshen up of their hulls and at the same time checking that everything else under the water is ok with them as hopefully they are going to be very busy this year.
bernard has been busy with engine servicing on the hire fleet and doing the show round on "pippin", he forgot to take the boat manual with him, luckily i spotted it before they had travelled too far, but i did have to get a wriggle on to catch up with them.
"hekla" one of the boats we have just sold has left us today with its new residents on board.
mick has been working on "pacific" today, this is the new addition to our hire fleet, she is coming along nicely, she is going on her maiden voyage from here on 15th feb so we will all be working hard with carpet laying and cleaning her ready for then.
david has been sorting the manual for the other new addition that we have in the fleet for this year "quince", and i have been answering phones and serving customers in the tea room and shop....oh and i did have a dog jump into my arms this afternoon in the tea room as he was sooooooooo pleased to see me,unfortunately for me he had just been for a walk down the towpath so not only was he covered in mud but i was too ;-(
well thats me done til next saturday, byeeeeeeeeeeee ange.   

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