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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Raining cats and dogs

As the title suggests it is absolutely pouring down as i write this blog, it is also blowing a hoolie and the rain is coming in underneath the tea room door, it is raining that hard. It's also started thundering and lightning just to put the top hat on it. I have just looked out of the window to see if it's stopped raining and Denise is chasing bin lids around the funny, she won't thank me for mentioning that.
We have had "Pippin" return to us this morning after a trip down to Great Haywood and back, the customers aboard had a very enjoyable week, "Phoenix" has gone on a jolly today for a week with returning customers aboard, they are not planning on going very far, they are just chilling for a change.
Bernard has been working on engines as usual and generally making a nuiscance of himself and Mick has been cracking on with the gas work on the hire fleet.
We have had Mike Shaw in today doing boat safety work on one of the brokerage boats and also one of the hire boats, pity he was sat on the back of "Shongalolo" when the heavens opened ;-)
Peter has been working on the inside of "Pacific", varnishing, putting up curtain poles and getting it ready for the carpet and vinyl to be laid on Monday, it really is starting to shape now, a couple more days and then us girlies can get on and make it look nice with new curtains etc.
Denise has been out skiving all morning, (oops i mean cleaning), she has been spring cleaning "Ember" as in 2 weeks time we have a flotilla of "Ember", "Sphinx" and "Pacific" going out with the leaders and children from the Boat House Youth in Blackpool which will be the first of their 3 holidays with us this year, we look forward to seeing all of them again.
Well that's it from me until next Saturday, byeeee.........Ange.

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