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Thursday, 13 February 2014

No quite back to normal

I am not referring to me in the title, you will be glad to know that I am all recovered from yesterdays little incident! I am however referring to the boat yard still being without power; as we have several boats out this coming weekend, the cottage too and we need to finish painting a roof on a boat in the wet dock we have had to improvise a little, we have two generators running the freezers, one computer and from lunch time we managed to get the phones back on, we have the trip boats inverter running other things in the office, a genny running lights in the dock and the girls cleaning the boats are using the inverters on them to power the hoovers, thank goodness for inverters and our trust generators, we cant however do any cooking, or serve diesel, or do pump outs, but the later probably isn't a bad thing given yesterday episode (Peter is still keeping his head down) as we cant cook anything in the tea room we ended up with a toaster on the wharf plugged in to one of the several extension leads just so we could have some breakfast, and fish and chips were in order from our local chippy for lunch!
We were lucky that after the really bad winds yesterday we have suffered no real damage except we have no power so I am grateful for that, and we have not been flooded like so many!

captured on camera this morning.

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