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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIND,rain, POOH and power cuts

It feels like the end of the world is upon us at Norbury at the moment, this morning saw the most horrendous rain, then the wind came, so coupled with the rain it was just vile, most jobs around the yard continued as normal although we haven't had Bernard,Mick or David in today so there wasn't too much going on, We docked a boat for survey first thing and then I asked Peter to do some pump outs on the hire fleet ready for the weekend, now Peter is new to pump outs and i had previously showed him how to do it, so he popped back into the office and said that he was just about to start doing them at which point the pub opposite rang us to say that"Now I don't know much about boats but it looks like you have a shower of Pooh coming out of the wharf" needless to say I shot out of the door and sure enough there was a shower of something coming from a slit pipe on the wharf, Unfortunately Peter had knocked one of the valves on the machine causing it to blow rather than suck, I ran as fast as I could through the shower to turn the machine off, the wind covered me in the stuff as I ran past the split pipe, once turned off it stopped and the rain was so bad you couldn't see any evidence of the incident except to say that I then smelt like I had just come out of a settling tank in a sewage plant, not too impressed with this I headed off home for a shower and to get changed, upon returning to work Peter was keeping a low profile, the wind had increased to near gale force and whilst talking to a customer on the phone everything went dead, and that was that, a power cut, probably down to a pole down somewhere, We waited for half an hour and decided to call it a day, so we locked up and we all went home.

If you have been trying to get hold of us late this afternoon I am sorry that you couldn't but alls being well we should be back up to speed tomorrow.

I hope you all have a safe evening!


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