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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Accident prone

Well where shall I start, I have never met anyone as accident prone as Denise in all my life. There is never a day goes by where she doesn't break a mug or a plate, well today she has taken things one step further by having a few accidents. First thing this morning she was moving the newspaper stand outside and got her finger trapped between that and the door, she was then showing a customer something in the shop and caught her arm on the corner of the shelving. Next comes the biggie, she fell in the canal. She was standing on the back of Sphinx and Bernard called her, she lost her footing and fell in, simple as that. Bernard didn't get his priorities right either, he came over to the shop to tell us then went over to haul her out. You'll all be pleased to know that she lived to tell the tale and she has been telling everyone all about it. Other than that she has been fairly busy in the tea room with cyclists and walkers especially.
Mrs Handbag has been outside spring cleaning boats and also helping out in the tea room when needed.
We had 4....yes 4 day boats out first thing this morning which Peter and Mick duly showed out, the weather has been really kind to them today all have returned and everyone had a great time.
David has been trying to get risk assessments done but there have been a lot of customers around today so they have to be put on hold until tomorrow....we'll see, hopefully the good weather will stay with us and we will be nice and busy tomorrow.
Mick has been working on the heating on Python and Peter has been laying new lino in the bathroom on Pippin and fitting a new flue collar to the fire.
Well that's all from me for today....until next time byeeeeeeeee Ange.    

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  1. WOW!!! What a lot of capital letters! Brilliant. Perhaps Denise should fall in the canal more often?