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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Making headway

Well as the title suggests we are making good headway with the winter works on our hirefleet. All the boats except 2 are going out this coming Friday, Saturday and the following Monday so Mrs handbag has been cleaning the boats and shampooing carpets. I showed her how the shampooer worked, we filled it up with water....wrong move....we then had to get it onto the boat :-( and unfortunately for us it was Sphinx, traditional stern with seats on the counter, the boat kept drifting out which made matters worse, we untied the ropes, pulled the boat back in, tied it up again, basically we were struggling whilst being ignored by Peter and Bernard, thanks for your help lads!!!!
Bernard has been looking at engines and generally making a nuiscance of himself.
Peter has been doing lots of different jobs from the winter work schedule on the boats, plumbing, varnishing and even a bit of painting.
The shop has seen lots of people through the door today, the weather has been glorious so lots of folk decided to visit Norbury, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do. The tea room has been busy for most of the day which has kept Denise on her toes.
We also had 3 day boats out first thing this morning which Peter duly showed out, all returned on time and all had a great day.  As soon as they landed Mrs handbag cleaned them as they are all out again tomorrow.
The blogs will being starting to get longer and more interesting from now on as there will be more things to talk about as we are starting to get much that's it from me, until next time, byeeeeeeee, Ange.

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