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Saturday, 1 March 2014

Cracking weather

Hi all, as the title suggests, we have had fabulous weather here at Norbury today. It was a bit frosty to start with this morning but we have been blessed with sun all day long. We had 3 day boats out this morning and all have returned without any issues and a great time was had by all. They have got to be cleaned tonight as they are all out again in the morning.
We have had quite a busy day here (the weather does help), Denise has been busy in the tea room all day and we have sold lots of ice creams too. Hopefully before long I will be ordering it by the van load as usual, sometimes twice a week (fingers crossed for that).
We had Pippin return to us this morning very happy customers aboard, they hired the boat for a week with a view to buying one to live on....they are hooked ;-)
The cottage was vacated this morning by returning customers of ours who also had a great week.
Once everyone had left I started with stripping beds and ploughing through the washing. I was in the laundry room and Fred came in mooching around, "what are you looking for ?" I said to him, "something to wash the van with" was the reply, "come on Ange, where have you hidden the washing up liquid ?", like I was really going to show him. He then proceeded to take some concentrated flash off one of the shelves and was moaning about it only coming out in small amounts, "that's because it is concentrated Fred, so that you don't use too much" I said to him....and the moral of the story is that we now have a clean and very sweet smelling van :-))....apart from that Fred has been turning boats around and attending to boats on the wharf.
Mick showed the dayboats out this morning and has been working on a private boat.
Oh and Peter Underwood....CAPITAL LETTERS just for you.
Well that's all til next time....byeeee, Ange.

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